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Top Innovator: proALPHA Honored as Idea Generator

Ranga Yogeshwar Honors the Most Innovative Medium-sized Companies - for the 8th Time, proALPHA Software AG is One of the "Top 100"

June 25, 2012

They are highly inventive, have exemplary innovation processes and successfully bridge the gap between ideas and market success: the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. On 22 June, Ranga Yogeshwar awarded them the "Top 100" quality seal in Friedrichshafen. For the 8th time now, proALPHA Software AG in Weilerbach near Kaiserslautern was among those honored.

Knowledge is the best fuel for innovation. That is why we as an IT company, founded in 1992, drive the training and development of our 400 employees in Germany (worldwide: 500): On average, every employee participated in 25 training days last year. Altogether, this is an impressive 10,000 days that the Company has invested in its employees' know-how. The in-company academy offers its staff a wide range of opportunities. The intranet provides them with uninterrupted access to the latest e-learning programs, which they can combine with the knowledge from classroom sessions. Webinar recordings and videos for home study complete the offered opportunities. "Besides job-specific skills, we also develop the soft skills of our workforce," reports CEO Leo Ernst.

As a Business Service Provider, proALPHA offers not only the same-named ERP software for company resource planning for medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing, retail and service sectors but also comprehensive business services such as consulting, training and support services. In this sector, the Company is now one of the world's leaders in its segment. Another reason for this, besides the very positive innovation climate fostered by the training and development opportunities, is the organization of the innovation processes within the Company. "Many companies break software development down into the components software architecture, data modeling and implementation. Often, a programmer no longer understands the purpose of his or her work," is how CEO Ernst describes common practice. "At proALPHA, however, the person who designs a solution also programs it and supervises their concept from the idea stage up to completion." By spending 50% of their time on innovation processes, the top management itself is strongly involved.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team at the Vienna University of Economic Sciences reviewed the innovation management at 281 medium-sized companies. The best of them are awarded the "Top 100" quality seal. Leo Ernst is proud of the recognition and points out the part played by his employees: "The quality seal is an award for our workforce. Their enthusiasm and deep commitment are our most important innovation factors. At the same time, we have installed the right process and created flat hierarchies so that this creativity can fully evolve. All this together makes us successful."

In cooperation with the Vienna University of Economic Sciences, compamedia gave awards to a total of 116 companies (no more than 100 in each of the three main categories These include 51 national and 20 world market leaders. In 2011 KOMMA the companies generated a total turnover of some EUR 8.1 billion. Within the past three years, 100 of them generated an average growth of 20 percentage points above the branch average. In 2011, medium- sized companies invested EUR 623 million in R & D. In the next three The companies plan on hiring some 6,000 new employees within the next 3 years which equals an increase of workforce by 12%.

For pictures of the event, please refer to the Download section of this website.

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