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proALPHA Ranks Among the 100 Top SME Employers

IT Business with Headquarters in Weilerbach Receives "Top Job" Award

Feb 02, 2009

proALPHA Software AG ranks among the top 100 SME employers in Germany. This is the result of a current analysis in the scope of the nationwide and cross-sector "Top Job" comparison of companies. The medium-sized business convinced in the seventh round of the well-known economic initiative with their tailor-made and thus successful human resource management. On January 30, the former Federal Minister of Economics, Wolfgang Clement, presented the coveted "Top Job" award to Andreas Traut (group management Academy/Human Resources Development) during a ceremony at Landschaftspark Duisburg.

The mentor of the SME initiative honoured proALPHA’s merits in the field "Leadership and Vision", "Family and Demographics", "Motivation and Dynamics", "Personnel Development and Per-spectives", "Culture and Communication" and "Internal Entre-preneurship". The ERP business does not only offer a business solution but also comprehensive services for medium-sized industrial an trade companies.

In the "Top Job" analysis the software and consulting business mainly scored with its open communication and comprehensive training pos-sibilities for its about 450 employees in Germany and abroad. proALPHA has its own training centre, the proALPHA Academy. In Weilerbach, certification and support programmes are offered, too to increase motivation and dynamics of the staff. They safeguard the high-quality services for proALPHA’s SME customers.

The employee satisfaction of the entire proALPHA group is analysed once a year by the executive managers. The detailed analysis of em-ployee feedback on the basis of the human capital management approach enables the group management and the executive managers by means of group and branch reports to identify precise need for action within different areas of responsibility.

A vital element of human resource management at proALPHA is the group-wide feedback culture. By means of anonymous questionnaires, classified according to job profiles and made available online each and every employee and manager requests an individual feedback from department heads, colleagues and employees. Human resources development receives important information from the aggregated feedbacks for further planning of employee development and support.

To be given the award the IT business had to run through a strict two-stage procedure developed by the Institut für Führung und Personal-management of the St. Gallen university. In this analysis the director of the institute Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch and her experts evaluate the management tools used by the companies. In addition to that they conducted detailed online-interviews with the employees. "Once again the results of our analysis show that strategic human resource management strongly influences business results.", says Prof. Dr. Bruch. "In plain language: Good employers are economically successful. In the future, this trend will become even stronger. Companies supporting their employees systematically, considerably improve their competitiveness."

CEO Leo Ernst is all the more pleased about the success. "For companies participating in the 'Top Job' analysis, human resource management is of high importance. To be one of the top 100 SME employers in this strong environment will motivate our employees and makes us even more interesting for highly qualified job candidates."

The 100 "Top Job" businesses are presented in the book "TOP JOB – Die 100 besten Arbeitgeber im Mittelstand" and on the website This initiative is organized by Compamedia GmbH.

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