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proALPHA Still on a Winning Streak in the Anniversary Year

Software Company Still growing, Also in Fiscal Year 2011/12

Sep 19, 2012

During the annual shareholder’s meeting on September 18, 2012 proALPHA Software AG presented the results of the past fiscal year. The internationally present ERP provider focusing on medium-sized industrial, trade and service businesses could continue its positive development of turnover and profit in a permanently difficult market environment, sovereign debt crisis and increasingly unstable markets. The group revenue, for instance, increased by 7.5% to 54.5 million euros (previous year: 50.7 million euros). Company earnings (EBIT) of 10.8 million euros considerably exceeded last year's result of 8.4 million euros. Thus the proALPHA group completed the fiscal year 2011/12, the year of the company's twentieth anniversary, very successfully.

In the product-related field of software revenues and revenues for software-related services a result of 35.1 million euros was achieved. This corresponds to an increase of 10.5 % compared to the previous year. In the field of services, including consulting-related and project-related development and the portfolio of the proALPHA Academy, turnover increased to 18.7 million euros. Personal expenses have the greatest share in operative costs and increased by 1.5 million euros to 30.2 million euros. With an EBIT of 10.8 million euros and an EBIT margin of 19.7 % (previous year: 16.6 %) the profitability could be increased over last year's level. In the past fiscal year cashflow amounted to 8.6 million euros (previous year: 6.4 million euros).

The success of the proALPHA group is also reflected in the innovative power of the ERP specialist. Awarded with the seal of quality "Top Innovator 2012" proALPHA is one of the 100 most innovative companies of the German medium-sized industry. In the last fiscal year the software company focused once again on co-operations with scientific institutions in order to transfer innovations into commercial applications to the benefits of the customers and became involved in different research projects like the Software-Cluster funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). In addition to that, proALPHA has become a full member of the research initiative SmartFactoryKL, an application-based demonstration and research platform, at the beginning of this year. In the anniversary year the IT company was again awarded the seal of quality "TOP JOB" for excellent personnel work. "Flat hierarchies and an open feedback culture combined with the systematic training of employees are the basis for employee satisfaction and a positive atmosphere of innovation", says Leo Ernst, CEO about the award.

The customer request for transparency, integration and adjustability of software solutions to changing processes was met by the stepwise rebuilding of the ERP complete solution towards service-oriented architecture (SOA). To meet the increasing demand for additional business intelligence solutions, the service portfolio was supplemented by a Business Cockpit. "The new proALPHA Business Cockpit supplements the existing business intelligence portfolio with a cockpit tailored to the requirements of professional users to answer questions quickly, simply and regardless of location via efficient dashboards directly from the ERP system. In this context, mobility is also important to our customers - the Business Cockpit can be used anytime via iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and android devices", Werner Ernst, CTO, summarizes the advantages of the new Business Cockpit.

The inter-trade organization Bitkom expects a further growing German software market in the year 2012 despite the Euro crisis and the unstableness of the market. Jürgen Brand, proALPHA CFO, also looks to the future with confidence: "We do expect a continuously positive business development, with other words growth while maintaining profitability. We will do everything to support this mainly organic growth and stay a reliable partner for our customers in the future by implementing the appropriate measures like expanding our service portfolio, further internationalization, investment in human resources and particularly by managing the company proactively and responsibly."

The proALPHA Group at a Glance
Note: proALPHA Software AG has a deviating financial year ending on March 31.

Turnover (in million euros) 54.5 50.7  49.3 
EBIT (in million euros)10.8 8.4  7.7 
Cash flow (in million euros)8.6 6.4  5.8 
Investments (in million euros)1.4 1.2  1.4 
Total assets (in million euros)59.9   52.1  49.1 
Equity ratio50.4 % 48.4 %  43.8 % 
Employees Ø479 464 462

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