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proALPHA wins 2008 Documentation Award

Awards Ceremony During the Annual Tekom Conference in Wiesbaden

Nov 06, 2008

Today, proALPHA Software AG was awarded the documentation prize 2008 during the tekom conference in Wiesbaden. Thus, the software business with headquarters in Weilerbach is the first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provider to win this coveted award for their brilliant technical documentation. The instructions submitted were reviewed and checked for their usability with reference to their target group by a team of independent experts of the German professional association for technical communication and information development.

The tekom documentation award is subject to a comprehensive test procedure. A catalogue of criteria consisting of 100 central questions is used to evaluate the instructions. The documentation prize is awarded for instructions reaching a school grade in the range between "excellent" and "good". The test itself consists of a review of the instructions and a practical test with the software described. This year, 29 reviewers and 9 advisory boards were in charge of the analyses.

Today’s winner, i.e. the content and layout of proALPHA online help function has been completely updated for the latest release of the ERP software and tailored more closely to customer requirements.

The restructured help pages offer detailed descriptions of each and every subject. The reader finds all information in one place. In addition to that the new help pages describe all the complex processes within proALPHA, the interrelations and new important details. By means of a table of contents consisting of significant titles the reader is guided through the help pages.

The comprehensive information is divided into categories to be opened via links in the navigation bar. This new approach allows a compact and clearly arranged presentation of contents and quick access to the requested data. Not least, the new concept is the precondition for a quick full-text search for information.

Dr. Heike Raab, head of the proALPHA Software AG documentation department, is pleased that the new concept works: "The complete update of the online help concept required many resources. That is why we are really happy that the positive feedback we have already received from customers and colleagues is now confirmed by a group of independent experts."

About tekom:

tekom is the 6,500 member professional association for technical communication and information development. One of the main tasks is the training of technical writers, illustrators and translators focussing on instruction manuals and sales-supporting documentation.

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