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proALPHA: Integrated Solution and Flexible Software Architecture

Quick Data Exchange within the Value Added Chain Safe-guards Success

Feb 13, 2009

"Don't talk about it – do it" – with this the slogan the proALPHA group will present their approach to service-oriented architectures (SOA) during this year’s Cebit at Hanover. While other ERP businesses still discuss the pros and cons of the new technology proALPHA is yet one step ahead. The functional core of the proALPHA ERP solution is already based on SOA.. But in this context, too proALPHA sticks to the rule to offer only those services required by their SME customers.

At this stage the complete solution proALPHA offers the preconditions not only to transfer data more efficiently to customers and suppliers but also between specialized systems within the company. In the proALPHA core the communication structure assumes several services with high performance. This structure communicates internally and externally and thus offers highest flexibility for user-specific linking of systems without any impacts on the programme core.

Even more than ever before it will be important to flexibly respond to continuous changes in the company organization and to increase the efficiency of all processes along the entire value added chain. Corporate order processing is a typical example for a process that benefits from the new technology. Thus by using services there are lots of new possibilities for example for creating orders or sending order confirmations. The integration of customers and suppliers in the supply chain is simplified, wrong entries are avoided and information is always up to date. In this context it is irrelevant which system is used at different sites, by subsidiaries or partners or which release levels of the software are installed. The data exchange over different stages of a supply chain will be accelerated resulting in reduced expenses in terms of time and money.

The aim of further developments in the proALPHA Software is the step-by-step shift to a service-oriented architecture including open business processes to be able to integrate external systems. The user will benefit from the significant advantages of an integrated solution and at the same time will be able to easily integrate proALPHA into heteroge-neous system landscapes and supply chains.

At first the changes focus on intercompany functions because this subject is extremely important for expanding SMEs.

"With SOA we have identified a trend which gives new possibilities to ERP users to flexibly design their own company organization and all the procedures involving customers and suppliers and continuously adapt processes to changing requirements. ERP software without appropriate communication infrastructure will soon be a thing of the past", says Leo Ernst, CEO of proALPHA Software AG.

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