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proALPHA Business Cockpit: Making Corporate KPIs Available On Mobile Devices

Mobile BI is also a key issue at proALPHA

July 26, 2012

"Mobile BI" and "Big Data" are just two of many aspects of Business Intelligence. About 50% of all CEOs now use an iPad, and the number is rising. This is the outcome of a study by analysts at Gartner. Asked about what information they would like to access via their tablet, more than 60% of those surveyed said "customer data", because this is a good indicator for the success and optimization potential of the company's strategy.

The proALPHA Business Cockpit gives a comprehensible overview of the key corporate KPIs at a glance.

The proALPHA Business Cockpit gives a comprehensible overview of the key corporate KPIs at a glance.

Taking onboard its customers' wishes, proALPHA Consulting AG has implemented the mobile provision of KPIs and graphically guided analyses in its new product "proALPHA Business Cockpit".

The proALPHA Business Cockpit offers users graphically guided analysis of KPIs in "Dashboards", especially for company and divisional managers. The company's key figures are presented at a glance in the appropriate cockpits. This graphic is the starting point for detailed analyses (drill-down) through to the level of a particular document line or posting.

Support for the Entire ETL Process

Besides graphic analysis, the objective right from the start was to provide the greatest generic support possible for the entire ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process of data preparation. This has been implemented in the proALPHA Consulting AG "Warehouse Builder". In detail, the ETL process covers:

  • Provision of the data from proALPHA
  • Conversion to the Business Cockpit data format, including the option of automatic integration of other data sources
  • Loading the data in the appropriate cockpit

Thanks to the deep integration of the Business Cockpit in proALPHA, the presentation of the KPIS in the cockpit covers the entire proALPHA business logic (exchange rate conversions, user permissions, statistics consolidations, etc.), whilst at all times offering a coherent view of the ERP system data on a mobile device. Despite this deep integration, the proALPHA Warehouse Builder has been designed so that external data sources can be quickly and easily integrated in the ETL process. Access to an LVS system data, other information from your external CRM - the cockpit combines all the necessary dimensions and data.

Sounds Interesting?

Has this aroused your interest? Contact your local proALPHA adviser to learn more about what the proALPHA Business Cockpit can do for you. In the near future, you will also have an opportunity to attend a dedicated information event staged by your proALPHA Consulting AG adviser.

The hands-on events will be taking place at our various locations on the following dates:

08.27.2012 Weilerbach
08.29.2012 Solingen
09.11.2012 Chemnitz
09.12.2012 Berlin
09.14.2012 Ahrensburg
09.17.2012 Bad Oyenhausen
09.18.2012 Böblingen
09.19.2012 Würzburg
09.28.2012 Munich

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