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Intralogistics Specialist MFI Chooses proALPHA

Deeply Integrated ERP Complete Solution Wins Over General Contractor

Oct 02, 2012

MFI AG with headquarters in Benningen, Germany, has decided to implement the fully integrated business solution proALPHA. MFI provides complex intralogistics services like demand analyses as well as projecting, planning, expanding and even installing high-bay warehouses, conveyor systems or manufacturing lines. This range of services makes the intralogistics specialist a general contractor who provides all services from a single source. About 32 users will start working with the new ERP complete solution.


MFI AG is specialized in complex intralogistics service.

At the project launch proALPHA will introduce the modules Sales, Materials Management, Production, Service, Project Management, Document Management System (DMS), Financial Accounting, Fixed Asset Accounting and Cost Accounting. Besides the 32 users 14 other employees will work with proALPHA using the CAD online linking CA-Link.

One important benefit of the ERP complete solution proALPHA is the system's high level of integration. Since project management is crucial for MFI AG, proALPHA was able to win over the general contractor with its deep integration of this module. "Handling complex intralogistics projects is part of our day-to-day business. The proALPHA module Project Management allows us to perfectly fulfill this task. Processes can be effected across departments and even companies, and it has never been easier to define responsibilities," says Axel Rössle, CEO of MFI AG. But also the CAD online integration proALPHA CA-Link played an important role when choosing the ERP complete solution. "The construction plans created in the CAD system will be directly available for all project participants in the ERP system's DMS," Axel Rössle summarizes the benefits of the integrated complete solution. The company's weekly meetings to review projects plans thus become superfluous. The launch of the proALPHA workflow aims at opening up opportunities for further rationalization by not only integrating but also automating and synchronizing projects. After one year of decision making, MFI AG unanimously chose proALPHA. "We reviewed several ERP systems. To sum it up, proALPHA was the solution which met our complex requirements best and is therefore the perfect partner for us," Axel Rössle explains MFI AG's decision.

MFI AG offers a wide range of services in the areas of material flow and master computer systems, conveyor and storage technologies as well as innovative control systems. In this way, the company provides manufacturers and general contractors with everything they need for warehousing, transporting and handling from a single source. Besides its headquarters in Benningen MFI AG has further branches in Ludwigsburg, Neubrandenburg, Arnstadt, Dresden and Hildesheim. The company was founded in 1965 and currently engages more than 130 employees.

For pictures of MFI AG, please refer to the Download section of this website.

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