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Why Choose proALPHA

proALPHA is an internationally known software manufacturer and vendor of standard software. The complete business solution known as proALPHA is designed for the midsized company and built with the latest technologies. It is clearly one of the most comprehensive e-Enterprise systems available on the market today.

In addition to our software solutions we offer highly qualified consulting services to our customers.

Our most important resource continues to be our well educated and highly motivated employees. We emphasize the self-initiative and responsibility of our employees. That implies a flat hierarchy and management by objectives. We speak freely with one and other. The innovative environment we desire can only grow through the unhindered and responsible exchange of information. The transfer of specific technical skills and the opportunity to increase knowledge and social skills is provided through external seminars and on-the-job training.

The proALPHA Group's decentralized management philosophy creates a strict organizational line between those tasks which are best performed centrally by corporate headquarters and those decentralized projects related to our customers. We plan to continue our better than average market growth and therefore, always need qualified and energetic new employees to help us succeed in both areas!