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Profitable Growth and Dynamics for Wholesale

As a medium-sized wholesale company, you are the link between producers, the manufacturing industry, and retail. You also produce some ranges of goods in-house. With the trends towards a service society and with the continuation of the globalization process, you have to continuously expand your range of goods.The trend towards e-commerce has significantly changed your industry. Since prices become ever more transparent, you have to generate added value in-house in order to achieve higher margins and prevail against international competition.With our flexible ERP complete solution, we support you in controlling your processes along the entire value-added chain: from procurement to processing, storage, and sale of your products. Thanks to the high level of flexibility of proALPHA, your company-specific processes can be handled dynamically.With our expertise in the medium-sized wholesale industry, we help you ensure the long-term success of your company and generate profitable growth.

Highlights of the ERP Solution proALPHA for Wholesale:

  • Conveniently manage prices and terms and satisfy your customer with attractive quotes.
  • Speed up your processes with efficient order handling.
  • Open new sales channels resulting in significantly increased sales with the proALPHA portal.
  • Manage your storage areas efficiently utilizing central storage areas, consignment areas, external storage areas, etc.
  • Effectively manage your customer relationships and improve your sales opportunities utilizing detailed customer information.
  • Increase turnover and satisfy your customers by offering innovative value-added services.
  • Take advantage of cost saving potential by automating the information exchange with business partners via EDI.
  • Increase your cash flow with sophisticated cash management.
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