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Good service is often an essential product component and what sets a company apart from its competitors. proALPHA covers all the basic service processes, from call management to replacement parts supply, maintenance agreements, service processing on site with the customer and operation planning for service technicians.

The Highlights

For all service processes - e.g. call center call acceptance, order processing, operation planning, service assignments, data entry and billing - detailed information is retrieved from the proALPHA ERP system. Material availability and order status, information on orders, shipments, invoices and OIs, cost rates, the debit and credit of cost centers and cost objects as well as documents from the entire history can only be provided in a complete and fully integrated ERP system.

When accepting a call, the customer can only be provided with competent support if all the customer's information and processes are immediately available to the service employee. This includes the products used, open calls and maintenance assignments. When connected with a CTI-capable telephone system, the service employee immediately has direct access to all information, without the customer having to look for this.

The product file informs inhouse service technicians and field service personnel about the current configuration and installed parts in the devices, machines and equipment as well as their entire history. This means that many questions such as the identification of the right replacement parts can be clarified over the phone with customers or the right wear parts can be ordered beforehand for maintenance assignments.

Long-term service agreements guarantee customers regular maintenance, replacement of wear parts and care for their products. The result: satisfied customers.

Good service requires promptness, efficiency and transparency. With operation planning, the service operations of all employees and all other resources are always directly available in the overview. Room for maneuver in short-term events is directly identified.