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proALPHA Production Planning

Advanced Planning and Scheduling ─  Innovative Production Planning and Control

In the industry for medium-sited enterprises, a combination of various production methods is often required. As a component of the integrated complete solution, proALPHA PPS (Production Planning and Scheduling) is designed to meet the requirements of individual manufacturing specifications, from special orders and single piece production to small scale series and full series production.

Production - Resource Gantt

Production is all about optimizing processes to reduce costs and save time, be it make-to-order production, series production or a combination of different types. With proALPHA Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), the correct tools and the specialists available are provided in time with the required quantity of material.

Multi-Resource Planning and Optimization in Real Time

The heart of proALPHA Production Planning and Control is APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling). It allows for optimized resource planning according to managerial target functions such as delivery reliability, cycle times, and stock on hand.
APS issues warnings in case of bottlenecks or overloads, prioritizes work orders, and suggests alternate resources. Companies can thus plan ahead and immediately react to changes and fluctuations in demand.

Realistic Planning with Product Process Models

In proALPHA ABS, classic BOMs and routings are replaced with product process models (PPM). The structures of products and processes are no longer tightly linked to each other and allow for versatile planning instead. Production processes can thus be conveniently adjusted, e.g., if changes are made to the schedule or if several parallel processing steps or outsourcing processes are to be included. Product process models enable planners to optimally utilize resources and to monitor material, tools, and human resources.

Synchronizing Resources and Identifying Long-Term Demands

With multi-resource planning in proALPHA APS, planners can assign any number of resources to an operation, synchronize the availability of these resources, and provide the required material. Demands can be identified early, and current stocks can be compared to the order point defined in the product master files.

Medium-term and long-term demands can be conveniently determined with continuous master production scheduling. MPS defines which products are manufactured in specific planned periods.

Integrating CAD Systems to Reduce Effort

With proALPHA CA-Link, nearly all common CAD systems, including modern 3D CAD systems, can be integrated online into the proALPHA ERP solution. Engineers thus have direct access to assemblies and drawings from within the CAD environment. This reduces the time required for work preparation and ensures consistent data.

Simplify Processes with WorkflowAutomation

Defined workflows automatically trigger and simplify processes. Individual steps in order processing, like scheduling, planning, releasing and printing, can be automatically completed by an event-controlled process chain.

proALPHA Produktion: Titelseite

proALPHA Production - Product Brochure

To medium-sized manufacturing companies, production is the central element where the strings relevant to the added value of the entire company are pulled. With APS (advanced planning and scheduling) integrated in the ERP complete solution, proALPHA supports the planning and controlling along the entire value-added chain. As opposed to generic PPS systems (production planning and scheduling), the functional scope of proALPHA APS encompasses the feasibility check for primary demands, material demand and production planning, purchase requisitions, and finite planning and controlling.

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