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proALPHA Materials Management

Reducing Costs with the Right Planning

proALPHA Materials Management (Symbolic picture)

The central components of proALPHA Logistics are basic materials management functions, e.g. the determination of requirements and warehousing. They form the basis for successful sales, optimum purchasing and cost-efficient production.

proALPHA ensures full synchronization of material and value flow in the complete system. In this way, on-hand changes and material consumption can be identically represented in the financial accounting and in the cost accounting.

In addition to conventional multiple site management, proALPHA supports random storage area management and the special functions of stock receipt and restricted areas. For many companies, lot control is an essential tool to prevent claims for damages. At the same time, it is a component of quality assurance, as proALPHA enables the seamless and complete tracing of the lot origin and lot use.

The MRP supports all the established processes and reliably determines the requirements of end products, assemblies, purchased parts and auxiliaries and supplies. The MRP account gives a continuously updated period-based view of requirements. Hypothetical inventory extrapolation provides immediate information on future delivery availability.

Alongside the periodic inventory, proALPHA also supports many other valid physical inventory processes. The valuation of inhouse-produced and unfinished results impresses with a high degree of convenience in handling and flexibility.

proALPHA WorkflowAutomation takes over the coordination between MRP and procurement and reduces the administrative processes to a minimum. With the aid of the proALPHA supplier evaluation, the quality of the business partner can be assessed.

With the proALPHA MIS and the KPI system, excellent means are available for recurrent analyses. proALPHA analyzer enables arbitrary ad hoc analyses without the need for programming knowledge in all sales-relevant areas of materials management.