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Integration Workbench (INWB)

The proALPHA Integration Workbench (INWB) is a platform on which data and information are exchanged with other internal and external systems. The IT systems of customers, partners and suppliers, e.g. Web shops, can be integrated into the ERP system. Intercompany processes can also be conveniently managed and accelerated. The INWB is based on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which controls the information flow and processes data so that they can be read by the target system. This ensures consistency in the communication infrastructure.

Integration: Easy and Fast Connection of External Systems

Manufacturing companies use numerous IT systems, e.g., for engineering, warehousing, and Web shops. With the proALPHA Integration Workbench (INWB), data, documents and other information can be conveniently exchanged with external IT systems. It is the central platform for the communication between internal users and external partners and allows for fast and reliable processes.

The infrastructure has been designed to integrate different technologies and data formats. Thanks to the full integration of the INWB, no additional system is required for electronic communication with business partners. Individual data formats and the exchange of data can thus be standardized and optimally implemented.

The heart of the INWB: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

The heart of the INWB is powerful middleware in the form of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB): This communication infrastructure can handle various interface technologies and thus ensures reliable and secure data exchange. Messages are exchanged with services such as http, ftp and pop3 and are always delivered in real time, whether they contain data from proALPHA or from external systems. The Enterprise Service Bus converts the messages into the format of the target system.

Versatile Configuration Options for Intercompany Processes

The INWB does not only allow for connecting external systems, but also for efficiently handling Intercompany processes. Since interfaces are managed and controlled at a central location, data can be securely transferred and more messages can be exchanged at the same time. Processes are thus accelerated. The costs of installing and maintaining the interfaces are also reduced. The INWB is an important feature of Industry 4.0 because it ensures the communication of vertically linked systems.