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proALPHA Financial Accounting

More Than Just Tested Compliance

proALPHA Financial Accounting (Symbolic picture)

proALPHA Financial Accounting is a central element for professional and chronological recording of all business transactions of a company, fulfilling all financial reporting standards including the principles of proper accounting. With an extensive and flexible information system, proALPHA Financial Accounting also serves as a control tool to allow transparent presentation of complex operational situations.

The Highlights:

The complete integration of proALPHA Financial Accounting enables the adoption of data from other modules and identical presentation of the values in materials management and financial accounting in terms of on-hand changes.

Neither a deviating calendar year nor the number of postable periods are a problem for proALPHA. Every complete fiscal year is divided into 13 posting periods, which can be evaluated separately. Information can be obtained about all year and prior year values for any period of time. The financial accountant therefore has access to the postings in the financial accounting, but also to outgoing invoices created in sales, for example. All postings can be carried out in dialog and batch processes.

The automatic communication of the advance sales tax return or the sales tax return via Elster is integrated into proALPHA. The management of foreign currencies complies with the high international requirements.

In addition, event-controlled task-related operations can be presented. This is supported by the fully integrated proALPHA Workflow and proALPHA Document Management. In this way, manual tasks in financial accounting are reduced to a minimum.

The convenient payment management system enables supplier payments and the debiting and collection of outstanding customer items over several parallel bank accounts to be optimized. The user can decide whether he wishes to pay domestic or foreign checks electronically or by check, bank transfer or bill of exchange. Online processing is of course also possible.