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proALPHA Web Portals

Connecting Business Partners to the ERP System

Screenshot proALPHA ERP Web-Portal

Independently of end device, platform, and location, customers, suppliers, sales agents, and other employees can be easily connected to the ERP complete solution via the proALPHA web portals by means of a web browser. In this way, they can have real-time online access to certain data of the ERP system. All employees are given the information they need for their work.

Directly Accessing a Uniform Database

The web portals are completely integrated into the ERP system. There are no redundant data; no additional systems or interfaces are required to update and maintain them. Several web portals stocked with different product and service ranges or tailored to a specific company (multi shop) can be managed based on the same database. Configuration and data contents can be easily adjusted.

proALPHA Web Portals and Their Functions for Different Target Groups

  • Customer portal
    Not only for the business to consumer segment (b2c) but also for companies (b2b), a customer portal is a useful addition in the sales process. After logging in via a web browser, customers can check their data or purchase orders as well as configure and order the desired products. Their special discounts, price schedules and surcharges are included in the price shown.
  • Sales agent portal
    A customizable web application provides the employees on field service or manufacturer's representatives with all information required for the upcoming appointment with the customer - from current contact details to the status in the sales process and the entire customer history. During the meeting with the customer, the web application allows the sales agent to work directly in the ERP system. In this way, the employees on field service can check the contact details and place orders. Questions about products, prices, stock on hand, current quotes, and pending deliveries can be answered right away.
  • Supplier portal
    proALPHA web portals can be used to directly integrate suppliers into the company's process chain, which saves time in purchasing. The graphical user interface for each supplier is tailored to the desired use. Thus, the supplier can, for instance, check the current on-hand in real time, determine demands, and, depending on the framework agreement, take on the responsibility to deliver the goods. New purchase orders and release data are automatically downloaded via the web portal.

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