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Connecting Documents to Business Processes

Symbol picture: proALPHA DMS

Business processes consist of much information that was originally in document format. By linking the documents, the integrated approach of the proALPHA Document Management System (DMS) ensures a structured management and filing of documents.

The Highlights

With the complete integration of the DMS into proALPHA, all company departments such as sales, design or accounting have direct access to all company data and documents. Particularly in cross-site processes, this leads to clear potential for increased efficiencies.

proALPHA DMS enables all documents to be archived. Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Office, administrative areas are also incorporated. Via "Drag & Drop", electronic documents can also be dragged from Windows Explorer to a certain task. A number of proALPHA documents, e.g. invoices or shipping documents, can be automatically archived via COLD (Computer Output on Laserdisc).

The server-based version control of documents ensures revision security. All users can therefore revert to the current documents - without data being lost.

Another highlight of proALPHA DMS is document identification via barcode. Here, documents such as time tickets, requisitions and shipping documents can be automatically allocated to the respective sales order during scanning.

All documents can be directly accessed with proALPHA. The search for certain documents can be carried out on a keyword basis or via a full text search. In addition, the documents are assigned to concrete tasks. In this way, for example, a user can call up a sales order and immediately has all assigned documents readily available.

By integrating the DMS into the WorkflowAutomation of proALPHA, standard processing steps can be stored. If, for example, a proALPHA user posts a document in book-keeping, the question of whether the document should be directly scanned appears at the end of the posting transaction. Such integrated processes minimize process costs.