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Cultivating and Shaping Customer Relations

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To retain customers and win over new ones, companies need to foster and shape customer relationships. An ERP system with seamlessly integrated customer relationship management (CRM) serves as the basis for this. It maps all customer-related processes, including marketing, sales and after-sales.

Comprehensive CRM functionalities, including prospect and lead management and marketing activities, greatly enhance process efficiency. Competitor information, forecasts, and sales controlling are key to far-sighted CRM.

Consistent Customer Service Thanks to Central Data Basis

All customer data and activities are kept in one central database in proALPHA, regardless of which department entered them. Meetings and e-mails are stored in the system as sales activities. With the Document Management System (DMS), all documents are automatically archived in a customer file for the corresponding sales activity, making them available to the entire company.

This results in a number of benefits. For example, the sales team can approach particular customers with individual special offers, and addresses can be systematically selected to contact prospects by e-mail or with other suitable marketing activities.

Individual Dashboards and Organized Workflows

To ensure short reaction times and precise decisions in the customer service, your employees always need all relevant information at their fingertips. Each user can set up their own working environment to meet the specific requirements of their daily work. This is done by combining so-called scenarios, for example for monitoring class A leads or for planning upcoming meetings with customers. Whenever a phone call comes in, the caller is automatically identified by their phone number and the corresponding scenario containing all relevant information is immediately opened thanks to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Furthermore, proALPHA WorkflowManagement consistently maps the standard sales processes throughout the entire company. The event-controlled workflow actively notifies the sales team when the status of a prospect changes and sales opportunities open up.

Always Well-Prepared with the Web Application

A customizable web application provides the employees on field service with all information required for the upcoming appointment with the customer. This enables employees to answer questions about products, prices, stock on hand, current quotes, and pending deliveries right away. Customer calls are always well prepared, making it possible to immediately respond to customer requests. Since the call reports can directly be entered in the ERP system, valuable time is saved, and the next steps and appointments can be planned.

Making the Most of Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities are continuously being processed and evaluated, which constitutes a prerequisite for the reliable planning of sales and marketing activities based on forecasts and analyses. A large number of analyses can be created at the push of a button, for example analyses of the sales project status, product groups, regions or sales agents. CRM cockpits give transparent graphic representations of the sales KPIs, regardless of the platform and mobile device used. In the event of an undesirable development, the employees can interfere at an early stage.