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proALPHA Cost Accounting

Controlling par Excellence

proALPHA Cost Accounting (Symbolic picture)

Controllers identify key business figures and analyze them down to the last detail. Fast and precise analyses of business figures allow reliable planning and provide the basis for sound decision-making.

proALPHA Cost Accounting is the perfect tool to handle all related processes. Thanks to the high level of integration of all proALPHA modules, the controlling department has all relevant data on the value-added chain at hand and can analyze them in detail.

Deep Integration in the ERP System Ensures Consistent Quantity and Value Flows

Cost accounting receives information from all modules of the ERP system. Be it the times reported in work orders, consumption and price variances or depreciation and interest from fixed asset accounting, controllers access all primary values. Since no data have to be entered twice, errors are avoided. Data are also automatically exchanged between the individual cost accounting modules, that is, cost center, cost object and income accounting. Cost centers featuring excess or shortage are automatically allocated to income objects, for example.

Income accounting allows multidimensional analyses by customers, industries, product lines, regions, business units, and cost objects. Forecasts can be created in project controlling. Besides actual, budgeted and target values, obligation (liabilities resulting from purchase orders and stock receipts) is also analyzed. Project leaders can query the status of a project in real time. This enables them to detect early whether a project runs the risk of exceeding the budget and take appropriate measures in good time.

Powerful Planning Tools for Efficient Controlling

Various tools are available for planning, such as continuous and indexed planning and best and worst case scenarios. Planning can be done according to the top-down or bottom-up method. It is also possible to import and export budgeted values with spreadsheet programs. This adds to the flexibility of planning.

Controlling Business Processes with Analysis and Reporting Functions

An information system offering a variety of predefined views forms the basis for analyses. Examples include analysis sheets, multi-level contribution margin accounting, marginal costing, cost-effectiveness analyses, and detailed budgeted, target and actual cost accounting.

Which department does incur which costs? To what extent do certain products contribute to covering fixed costs? It takes controllers just a few clicks to answer such questions. A versatile report builder allows customized reporting. Each view features drill-down functions with which the source document from purchasing or sales can be accessed.

The proALPHA Analyzer is the perfect tool to carry out individual analyses to explore large data volumes. It enables controllers to analyze data on an ad hoc basis and identify connections.