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proALPHA Business Intelligence

Decision-Relevant Data for All Hierarchy Levels

proALPHA Business Intelligence Portfolio (symbolic picture)

proALPHA provides users of all hierarchy levels with extensive controlling and analysis tools. Ad hoc analyses or predefined queries - proALPHA offers the right tool for every type of analysis, directly in the ERP system.


The proALPHA MIS (Management Information System) is an information and controlling tool for recurrent analyses. It is best suited to analyses with a lot of parameters and complex links and it quickly and conveniently generates secure results.

The Highlights:

The high level of integration of proALPHA MIS ensures that the user is provided with all the data from the complete system.

Users can modify and supplement the view options, reports and analyses by means of versatile tools. The user also determines the level of consolidation and the content. By specifying read rights, all employee groups can be secured on a need to know basis thereby protecting company data.

Highly consolidated complete works can be researched across all consolidation levels with the exception of document level. In this way, for example, a shipping document can show the sales order on which the shipment was based.

Key Performance Indicators / Early Warning System

Key Performance Indicators / Early Warning System - KPI Report

The primary objective of proALPHA Key Performance Indicators / Early Warning System is to evaluate, manage and control defined early warning indicators. In this way, critical situations can be detected at an early stage and suitable countermeasures can be initiated.

The Highlights:

The highly integrated proALPHA software contains a wide range of information that can be used for comprehensive KPIs and analyses. Information from all application areas can be combined, calculated and issued in a unique analysis on a cross-module basis using KPIs.

The KPI report can be designed in a number of variants and on a company-specific basis.

Threshold or tolerance values (optimum, target, average, division and critical values) can be defined for each KPI, and the company itself determines the scope of the KPIs. When the warning limit is reached, exceeded or underrun, Workflow is activated. An appointed group of people automatically receive a notification in the respective ToDo List. Using these event-controlled (early warning) messages, the decision-maker promptly receives all the relevant information. The traffic light function helps here by displaying the various color phases. The workflow-automated KPI and early warning system thus meets the requirements of KonTraG (Act for Control and Transparency in the Corporate Sector). The requirements of alarm/warning systems as part of risk management are thereby fulfilled. It also meets the demands of management for ever more up-to-date information and clearer data presentation.

proALPHA Analyzer Screenshot


proALPHA Analyzer, in contrast to proALPHA MIS, is an effective tool for designing ad hoc queries without programming knowledge and analyzing data in a multidimensional manner.

The Highlights:

Graphics support of the OLAP-based analysis tools makes it very easy to work with proALPHA Analyzer. For example, curves generated as a result of a query can be looked at in sections as if under a microscope.

A click of the mouse zooms you into ever greater depths of data. The results of the analysis can be simply prepared with a reporting tool for presentation later. The Analyzer was also developed inhouse and is completely integrated into proALPHA.