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An All-New User Experience

Innovative Look and Feel – New Standards in User Guidance

The new proALPHA version offers more flexibility and comfort to users and sets new standards in user guidance.

In their day-to-day work with proALPHA, users will enjoy the enhanced look and feel. The new user experience concept offers an easy start to beginners and supports proALPHA experts with optimized well-established functions. New icons mark the different modules and allow fast navigation in the system. Usability is further enhanced by a modern design.

The Highlights:

In the new proALPHA version, initially arranged entry points have been created which allow, but do not require, a subsequent arrangement of windows. The new multi windowing features an algorithm which behaves like a "small APS": Each newly opened window is placed at an appropriate location on the screen.

Dependent proALPHA windows are combined in so-called "scenarios". Each scenario is displayed separately on its own tab. Scenarios can be moved to another working area. In this way, the available space on the screen can be optimally used for an ergonomic working environment even when working with two screens.

It is now possible to save the scenarios collectively in order to retain the combination last used. Saved scenarios open automatically if the user clicks on a company.

Working with the system is just comfortable thanks to a color scheme which is gentle and reduced to the essential. Different colors in the window titles indicate if the productive or test system is running. Important information can be easily located; for example, a logo can be included to directly identify the currently active company. The background of the working area can be switched to transparent view when using drag & drop functions.

All modules, operations and functions can be combined in a navigator in the proALPHA complete system. The integrated search function allows for direct access without time-consuming searching. The central navigation bar can be minimized if more space is needed on the screen.