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ERP Software

proALPHA - The Active ERP Complete Solution for Medium-Sized Enterprises

proALPHA - The Active ERP Complete Solution for Medium-Sized Enterprises (click to enlarge)

proALPHA - The Active ERP Complete Solution for Medium-Sized Enterprises (click to enlarge)

Taking into account the requirements of medium-sized industrial, retail and service companies, the proALPHA Group developed a comprehensive solution for the successful processing of all managerial tasks in the company.

The Most Comprehensive Release

It takes only one glance to be thrilled by the new proALPHA version with its numerous functional extensions. Its wealth of new functions for all areas is a massive increase in IT efficiency for companies.

These innovations and extensions apply to the whole system, which focuses on materials management and cross-module functions. They range from new possibilities in the area of value flows through material resource planning and staging to a workflow which has been noticeably expanded. The new proALPHA Integration Workbench allows for the exchange of data and information with other systems, thereby offering an innovative way of integrating all systems into a platform.

The Highlights:

At proALPHA, the two large modular functional areas of "Logistics" and "Finance and Accounting" were given equal weighting in standard development. This gave rise to an integrated and consistent system. In this context, the proALPHA Group consequently insists on in-house development - even for associated functionalities like APS/ SCM, CRM, DMS, online linking of PPS and CAD and E-Business components.

The all-new user experience concept of proALPHA highlights the strengths of the ERP software with its intuitive user guidance and greatly enhances usability. The new graphical user interface provides a well-structured overview and supports users in their day-to-day work.

The proALPHA complete solution is active because the software has a system-wide, automatic, and thus active workflow that intelligently supports the user in the processing of his/her business processes.

Intelligent analysis options complete proALPHA. Whereas the proALPHA MIS is the suitable information and controlling system for recurrent analyses, proALPHA Analyzer - as an OLAP-based analysis tool - takes over all ad hoc analyses.

Instead of implementing all conceivable functions and variants, proALPHA Standard meets the requirements of the majority of customers in our target market. Individualities of the company are supplemented on a project-specific basis in accordance with the requirements of the customer. The highly flexible, object-based software architecture thereby laid the basis for the full release.

To ensure the customer's flexibility and to guarantee protection of investments, proALPHA is completely independent of hardware assignments and operating systems.

Thanks to the consistent orientation towards global standards on the basis of progressive tools and procedures, the technical prerequisites for trend-setting have been laid by proALPHA.

proALPHA is optimally prepared for the international requirements of medium-sized enterprises. The country versions of proALPHA not only take into account the respective language, but also the legal requirements of the respective country. Moreover, there are numerous language versions, and proALPHA is also released for operation with Unicode. This enables all characters of all the world's languages to be processed in one application.

A Leap Forward: Extended Version of Business Software Optimizes Usability and Networking

With its new release, the ERP provider proALPHA has gone the extra mile for flexibility and usability.

(Industrieanzeiger, Edition 05/2013)


Focus on the User: ERP Solution with Comprehensive Extensions

With its latest release, the ERP (enterprise resource planning) complete solution proALPHA sets new standards in mobility, data integration and user guidance.

(VDI-Z, Edition 1-2/2013)


proALPHA Reinvents Itself – And Makes Apple Users Happy

The proALPHA developers have modernized the graphical user interface. The German ERP software is now available in a completely revised version. proALPHA has created a favorable user guidance which should also appeal to Apple users.