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Service-Mitarbeiter kümmern sich schnell und kompetent um die Belange der proALPHA Kunden

Efficient Service Creates Customer Satisfaction

The solution portfolio of the proALPHA Group also includes an efficient service organization. proALPHA Service will thus meet the expectations of customer in terms of faster assistance in responding to queries and resolving problems.

The Service Structure

The service tailored to ITIL at proALPHA is centralized in the Group's headquarters in Weilerbach. Here, call acceptance, call management and monitoring, and the fast processing and dispatch of problem solutions is ensured by the Service Desk, Level 1 and Level 2 Support.

Level 3 Support is based in the specialist departments and branches. The required know-how on the standard software and corresponding project knowledge is thus available for the processing of calls - and based close to customers in the branches.

The Service Process

  • All incoming calls and the individual processing steps of the employees involved are entered in a central database.
  • Remote maintenance makes it possible to access the respective customer installations, thereby answering questions quickly and efficiently and localizing and resolving problems.
  • The KPIs identified by analyzing the data in call management enables the service process to be consistently optimized and fine-tuned.
  • The end result is that the customer has a service network that offers the highest level of competence and the best possible response speed.

A strategic objective is to make each and every customer a reference customer. Over 1,700 satisfied companies of various sizes and sectors have positive things to say about proALPHA.