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System Administration

Easy System Monitoring - Reliable Operation

Our IT consultants identify optimization potentials and make specific recommendations.

Companies depend on their IT systems - reliable operation is indispensable. Our IT consultants for system administration design the IT infrastructure for proALPHA operation on site with the customer.

By installing and configuring the system afterwards, we integrate proALPHA into the IT environment of our customer and lay the foundation for reliable IT operation in the future. For the IT operation the companies using proALPHA are responsible themselves. The system administration supports them by professional individual consulting and the solution packages described below.

We support our customers comprehensively and professionally to solve all questions about IT and thus safeguard reliable operation.

System Inspection


To support the proALPHA system operation by the customer we recommend a yearly system inspection by our experts for system administration. Our specialists know what they have to pay attention to, they use a standardized procedure to check the customer systems and keep a reliable system operation going.

These measures aim at identifying problematic situations, initiating counter measures and preventing errors and a creeping system slowdown, respectively. A system inspection requires one man-day.

  • "Healthy" proALPHA System Operation
  • Identification of Error Situations
  • Prevention of Known Error Situations
  • Prevention of Creeping System Slowdown
  • Safeguarding of the Function of Installed Failure Measures
  • Decrease of Failure Risk
  • Early Initiation of Tuning Measures

  • Analysis - System Health
  • Cleanup
  • Analysis of Database

    • Parameterization
    • Physical Layout
    • Tables and Indexes

  • Analysis of Possible Failure Solutions
  • Backup Analysis
  • Adjustment of Configuration
  • Further Recommendations, If Required

Performance Tuning

As a result of a system inspection, specific tuning measures may be recommended. The scope of the measures offered is based on the result of the system inspection. Because of the fact that these measures would typically lead to a production stop, we will discuss them with our customers and carry them out in a test environment, first.

  • High-Performance proALPHA System Operation
  • Improved Response Time
  • Prevention of Waiting Times
  • Increased Satisfaction with the System
  • Increased Efficiency in Day-To-Day Business


  • Implementation of Specific Measures as Recommended After System Inspection

    • Index Rebuild
    • Dump & Reload

  • Systematic Performance Analysis Towards the Assumed Error Cause, If Required
  • Performance Measurement After Every Change Until a Good Result Is Achieved

Consulting for IT Virtualization and IT Availability

Every five years our customer reach the beginning of a new IT investment cycle. Most of the existing IT has to be renewed, normally proALPHA release changes follow this cycle, too. It always makes sense to coordinate the renewal of basic technology and proALPHA.

In this context, the following questions are answered:

  • How can an IT virtualization and a high-performance operation of proALPHA be achieved?
  • Which IT availability is required and how can it be reached in an economic way?

We support our customers by following a proven consulting concept: In a first step different basic parameters for a decision are defined with the customer (e.g. existing IT infrastructure, requirements in terms of availability, compatibility with proALPHA, etc.). In the next step several rough concepts for IT solutions are created and evaluated. Based on this rough concept quotations of special providers can be solicited; proALPHA as a supplier supports the submittal of the offer neutrally with information and gives advice for the evaluations of the offers.

Methodical analysis and documentation according to the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI, Federal Agency for Safety in Information Technology)

  • IT Systems, Applications and IT Services
  • Dependencies Between Applications and Systems
  • Security Requirement Analysis/Definition of Availability Targets
  • Development of Action Alternatives for Solution Scenarios
  • Evaluation of Solution Scenarios
  • Documentation of Scenarios and Preparation in Form of IT Requirements for System Vendors

IT Availability

Our customers operate their proALPHA successfully on their own behalf. The technical infrastructure needed is complex and like any technical installation it is not immune to errors and failures. With this offer we help our customers to meet the high requirements to the availability of IT systems resulting from their business.

The proALPHA stand-by solutions prevent data losses in proALPHA caused by technical problems in the infrastructure. Our step-wise safety concept enables customers to change to an operational spare system if their proALPHA productive system fails. All proALPHA server functions are prepared for operation and configured on a separate failure system. The implementation of a switch procedure in case of emergency follows. The measures to be taken in case of failure are discussed with the customer, a real failure simulated and the procedure to restore smooth system operation documented.

  • Safeguarding of Business-Critical Application proALPHA Against Failure
  • Tried and Tested Procedure on Database Level
  • Reduction of Operational Down Time of proALPHA to the Minimum Possible
  • Minimal Loss of Data in Case of Total Technical Failures

  • Planning and Conceptual Design of the Installation
  • Implementation of Chosen Stand-By Variant
  • Testing of Failure Scenarios
  • Documentation of Emergency Procedure
  • Yearly Check of Failure Scenarios Required
  • Combination with System Inspection Recommended

Admin Framework

The proALPHA administration framework contains a comprehensive portfolio of proALPHA administration functions on a well-designed web user interface. proALPHA customers thus dispose of an up-to-date software framework which facilitates the administration of proALPHA servers. It provides clarity and increases the efficiency of IT and the proALPHA administrator.

  • Increase of Efficiency in the Administration of proALPHA

    • Administration at a Glance
    • Gain of Clarity and Time for Administrators
    • Simplification for "Occasional Administrators"
    • Acceleration of Typical Administration Functions

  • One Central Web User Interface
  • Functions for all Central proALPHA Components
  • Possibility to Administer Several Servers via One Web User Interface
  • Special Functions with the proALPHA Service Daemon Under Windows

IT Monitoring

Monitoring means the survey of system-critical components in the operation of proALPHA by means of a monitoring software. The "proALPHA Active Monitoring" is technically based on the Progress Open Edge Management (OE Management) and is supplemented by our service according to proALPHA Best Practices and the know-how of our experts.

The IT monitoring is IT operational automation put into practice and enables IT departments to work efficiently and stay lean in terms of personnel.

  • Decrease of Administration Effort in Daily Business
  • Increased Efficiency by Means of Visual "System Cockpit"
  • Increased Operational Safety
  • Decreased Risk of Failure by Means of Error Warnings
  • Measures to Prevent Errors Can Be Taken in Time
  • Data Recording for Trend Analysis
  • Support of System Analyses with Real-Time Statistics and Charts

  • Planning and Conceptual Design of the Installation
  • Identification of Components to Be Monitored
  • Installation and Initial Parameterization of OE Management on Separate Server
  • Step-By-Step Inclusion of System Components into Monitoring (Productive System)
  • Instructions to Monitor Operation and Procedure
  • Implementation Review