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Software Development

Customized Solutions with Full Release Capability

proALPHA is a fully integrated complete ERP solution which is nevertheless lean and easy to use. The highly flexible and object-based software architecture facilitates individual add-ons with full release capability. Additional functions including all advantages of proALPHA can be realized quickly and effectively. Thus, a future-proof, fully integrated complete solution tailored to the individual requirements of the company is created.

proALPHA applies a uniform concept worldwide in all countries and branches. Therefore we are optimally prepared to realize individual requirements of internationally operating companies.

We are happy to advice interested companies about possibilities to add individual functions and to generate a concept to realize all requirements and wishes. If proALPHA add-ons are to be developed by in-house experts trained in our Academy, we are happy to advice and support them.

The Process of Development

Our first priority is to develop low-maintenance software. proALPHA has a consistent layer architecture; data and programming are treated separately. The complete database schema is administered in proALPHA, the Repository collects all meta data like programs, messages, tables, fields and relations.

Quality assurance is guaranteed by a defined procedure model and is applied in all phases of development.

The separation into different layers guarantees absolute release capability of all modifications. In addition to that, an independent development by the customer is possible.

The process of software development is based on the waterfall model of software development.

The Process of Software Development for Individual Add-Ons to the Standard Software proALPHA.

In the phase of analysis the requirements to be met by the software are described from the customer's point of view. The description is based on an analysis of the actual situation which is the precondition for the definition of targets. Before this concept is defined, different solution alternatives are discussed in the phase of analysis. Definitions comprise the functionalities and the system environment of the software as well as the required data. The phase of analysis /definition results in a so called requirements specification.

In the draft specification requirements are described from the technical point of view of the developer. All facts required for implementation are described and documented in this phase. To be defined as well are: the software architecture and the integration into a complete solution.

In the phase of implementation the details defined in the draft specification are realized and translated into a source code. In this context, development is deeply integrated into our test and quality management.

The phase of testing checks the quality of the software. The tests are based on the specifications; for complex software contexts test cases have to be specified separately in the phase of definition, already. Tests are customer-oriented, in test environments based on the customer system. Here, the four-eyes principle is applied: After every test carried out by the developer, another IT consultant will cross-check the result.

After successful testing the software is converted to live operation. If necessary, software performance is optimized or new functionalities are integrated. The completed add-on is automatically installed in the customer system via a delivery system with release mechanisms.

Data Migration

In general, during the implementation of proALPHA, data from existing applications have to be adopted. This is why proALPHA disposes of a set of standard migration programs to transfer data effectively and safely. Whether simple master files or complex transaction data, we offer our customers solutions which are tailored to their requirements. For special cases we have developed our Migration Generator which is a flexibly configurable solution for effective data transfer.


Within the proALPHA Framework technologically high-quality software is developed with the help of advanced tools. The technological basis used allows customer-oriented solutions for complex tasks. This makes it extremely easy to implement customer requirements and to integrate proALPHA into an existing IT landscape. The development tools used are always "State of the Art".

proALPHA Technology Concept

The proALPHA Technology Concept

The integrated ERP complete solution is a complex system which nevertheless is easy to supplement - proALPHA modifications are always version independent.