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ERP Audit

Systematic Increase in the Efficiency of the proALPHA ERP System




The proALPHA ERP system ensures that company processes are covered while supporting the optimization of these processes. This increases effectiveness and efficiency in the company. Here, it is important that the Return of Investment (ROI) from the proALPHA system introduced is ensured and expanded. Regular company-internal ERP reviews ensure a continuous further development of proALPHA's efficiency.

Solution Approach


The systematic consideration of the most important influencing factors on the degree of efficiency of an ERP system combined with proALPHA best-practice approaches can identify weak points and highlight areas of potential. Corporate areas include company processes and master files as well as customer organization and the system landscape.



The systematic improvement in the efficiency of the proALPHA ERP system is based on the display of short and medium-term improvement potential through the use of an ERP maturity level matrix. Typically identified high-potential areas are, for example, in the reduction of effort and cycle times through the use of WorkflowAutomation or in the systematic ERP coverage of processes and partial processes that lead to the minimization of friction losses.



Employing proALPHA experience, we first defined the focus of the areas to be investigated in order to analyze systematic weaknesses with existing tools. The common valuation of potential and the definition of handling measures gives rise to a complete picture of improvement measures, while taking into account the effort and benefits. Through regular ERP reviews, maximum ERP support for the company is generated over time on a systematic and long-term basis.

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