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Company Management

Decision-Making Support with proALPHA




Successful company management has become more and more complex, particularly in the medium-sized industry in recent years. The battle for customers is becoming more difficult, with important decisions having to be made more quickly and in shorter intervals. Weakness in the general economy and erratic consumer demand force companies to respond more quickly and more flexibly to the market.

Deteriorating investment possibilities as a result of the change in financing conditions for medium-sized enterprises mean higher financing costs, reduced investments in innovation, growth and competitiveness. proALPHA has various approaches here to help support necessary decisions and thus improve competitiveness.

Solution Approach


The causes often lie in inefficient internal management models, planning and budgeting processes or in inadequate controlling. Inconsistent management concepts within the company and a lack of focus on management-relevant KPIs lead to flawed decision-making. Deficient cost accounting in the company and a poor forecasting of results make financing very difficult. Reduced productivity in controlling and reporting due to system interruptions and the use of external tools for planning, reporting and consolidation require high levels of coordination between financial accounting and cost accounting. It is in these areas precisely that the proALPHA solutions shine.



proALPHA supports the creation of a corporate-wide management model on the basis of the strategic objectives, value drivers critical to success and their relevant parameters. The reconciliation of the management model with the organizational structure and the establishment of cross-functional reporting help to optimize planning and budgeting. Consistent system support by reducing interfaces increases the pace and precision of reporting. This all helps to identify and implement organizational and process-oriented improvement potential. The focus is therefore on analysis and decision-making support instead of on data management and coordination.



The procedure is based on the development of future challenges and objectives of the company and the resulting tasks, goals and scope of the project. A comparison of the actual situation with proALPHA best practices determines the goal status. The implementation plan is based on a cost/benefit review and a prioritization of the resulting sphere of activity.