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Business Process Optimization

Optimization of Organizational Processes




The core of the comprehensive proALPHA approach to operational and process consulting services is the optimization of business processes. This service, which is specifically geared to medium-sized service and commercial enterprises, is aimed at pinpointing potential for improvement in business processes and can be performed before, during or after the introduction of proALPHA.



The business process optimization package concentrates on the implementation of improvements and the elimination of weaknesses in business processes. Here, proALPHA’s highly-experienced consultants can contribute both their knowledge of best-practice business processes in proALPHA Standard and their experience in comparable industry projects.



Whenever the best-practice processes are applicable to the situation of the customer in question, the introduction of the new software will be more time-efficient and reduce budgetary effor. And with the elimination of all weak points, the customer will always reap the benefit in the form of reduced process costs and shorter cycle times. Moreover, the resulting models provide an effective "map" of business processes, thus ensuring the necessary visibility. To promote a better understanding of the business processes throughout the company, the new, leaner process models can be made available to all departments via a free viewer.



First, the actual business processes are analyzed using the proALPHA GPD (business process designer) to locate any weak points. On the basis of this analysis, the proALPHA consultants, together with the customer, draw up not only a process-oriented concept for achieving the desired status, but also an implementation plan for organizational improvements in departments or processes.

The advantages of business process optimization with proALPHA over more conventional approaches is that here, the customer gets comprehensive consulting and implementation expertise from one source.