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Web Seminars

You can sign up for a web seminar in three easy steps.

A web seminar provides the opportunity to learn together on the web, without having to travel anywhere or worry about dates. Take the seminar descriptions in our seminar calendar as a basis. Compile your wish list of topics. The focus is on the learning material that you coordinate together with our trainers. You simply need Internet access and a telephone to participate. In web seminars, topics can be dealt with that do not take a whole seminar day or just take a few hours. Billing is on an hourly basis so that topics that require several trainers can be combined. Flanked by our interactive LMS (Learning Management System), we can also tailor an entire range of courses to your individual requirements and incorporate proALPHA's E-Learning to improve handling. On request, we can also design individual learning success controls for your employees. Web seminars in English are also possible.

Operatives CRM (3 Hours)

Master Files (1 Hour)

  • Addresses
  • Prospects
  • Competitors

Address and Contact Management (1 Hour)

Opportunities – Management (1 Hour)

  • Quotes in sales with quote report
  • Sales projects and quotes

Strategic CRM (1 Hour)


  • Sales territory management
  • Sales controlling
  • Marketing activities
  • Analyzer & analyses/info

GPD (Business Process Designer) (4 Hours)

Basics and Setup (1 Hour)

  • Company organization and company processes
  • Modeling procedure
  • Technical fundamentals

Modeling (2 Hours)

  • Modeling the company organization
  • Modeling the company processes
  • Modeling the system processes
  • Process categories and process map

Master Files and Documents (0.5 Hours)

  • Master file analysis
  • Managing documents

Miscellaneous (0.5 Hours)

  • GPD in combination with proALPHA
  • GPD Viewer with upgrade path

Financial Accounting (4 Hours)

Posting of Continuous Business Transactions:

  • Posting types, posting masks (dialog, batch), journal import
  • Posting of general postings, accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Transfer of cost accounting and fixed asset accounting, split postings, foreign currency postings
  • Posting of cash funds, posting of bank account statements
  • Posting of electronic account statements
  • Check postings

Managerial Accounting (4 Hours)

Master Files for Cost Center Accounting (2 Hours)

  • Cost centers
  • Cost items
  • Rollups
  • Base measures
  • Cost rate
  • Surcharge rate (only in combination with the data flows)

Posting in Cost Accounting (2 Hours)

  • Setup and meaning of posting procedure and posting types
  • Entering dialog postings, batch postings, recurring postings, recurring transfer postings
  • Editing and adopting journal imports
  • Canceling postings
  • Recurring postings and recurring transfer postings

Basics of the KPI and Early Warning System - System-Wide Key Performance Indicators and Analyses

KPI Definition (3 Hours)

  • Overview and Customer Benefits of Key Performance Indicators
  • Definition of KPIs - Procedure and Sources
  • Definition of KPIs - Entry of Different Types of KPIs
  • Further Entry of Master Files and Parameters
  • Qualitative KPIs, Rating Scales, Standardization Values, Scale Series, Target Values
  • Mapping of Balanced Scorecard Concept
  • Early Warning System via Integrated WorkflowAutomation

KPI Reports - Possibilities and Benefits (1.5 hours)


  • Definition of Reports
  • Standard and Company Sets
  • Standard and Variant-Based Columns, Standardization Column
  • Reports - Layout and Use
  • Hierarchy of Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecard Chart
  • Chart, Alert Monitor, KPI Overview

Basics and Overview of Controlling Analyses (45 Minutes)

Information Generation - Possibilities and Sources

Importance of MIS, Reports and Analyses / Calculations as Sources/h4>

Controlling Analyses in Different proALPHA Modules

Overview of Analysis and Planning Possibilities as Part of Business Planning

Possibilities for Controlling Planning and Planning Tools

Planning Approaches in Accounting Modules (3 Hours)

  • Planning Approaches in Fixed Asset Accounting, Budget Balance Sheet and Budget P&L
  • Analysis Sheet Target/Actual
  • Cost Object Analysis Sheet Target/Actual
  • Coverage Amount Invoice (CA Invoice), Calculation Scheme

Overview of Further Possibilities for Information Generation (2.5 Hours)

  • Overview of Statistics in proALPHA as Information Source for Application Areas and Entire Company
  • Basics and Overview of proALPHA Analyzer
  • Basics of the KPI System

Consolidation in Financial Accounting

  • Overview, Mapping in proALPHA®, Basics, Applications
  • Consolidation Tables, Affiliated Companies, Other Master Files and Explanations
  • Consolidated Totals, Debt Consolidation and Income Consolidation
  • Consolidation Overviews, Procedure and Use
  • Consolidation Procedure and Execution
  • Consolidation Procedure, Postings and Journal Import
  • Consolidation of Foreign Currencies - Master Files and Procedure

Consolidation in Managerial Accounting

  • Overview and Functions
  • Cost Center Consolidation, Cost Object Consolidation, Income Object Consolidation
  • Master Files, Consolidation Tables
  • Consolidation Procedure
  • Display of Consolidated Costs or Results, Respectively
  • Consolidated Analyses
  • Consolidated Posting Info

Basics of Standard Costing (30 Minutes)

  • Managerial Accounting Systems and Features
  • Names and Definitions

Planning of Master Files (45 Minutes)

Planning of Services for Cost Center and Primary Costs (1 Hour)

Planning of Internal Activity Allocation (1.5 Hours)

Integration of Standard Costing into the Complete System (1.5 Hours)

Cost Analysis and Cost Control

Basics of Coverage Amount Invoices (45 Minutes)

Income Accounting - Overview, Planning and Analysis (45 Minutes)