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Training Concept

Graphics: The key to the success of the proALPHA Academy's "Blended Learning" concept is the mix of face-to-face training, e-learning, web- and inhouse- seminars.

The Training Concept of the proALPHA Academy - Successfully Transferring ERP Know-How

The proALPHA Academy's recipe for success when it comes to transferring know-how is called "Blended Learning". The concept combines traditional lecture events (seminars) with modern forms of E-Learning and web seminars in an educational manner. In this way, the effectiveness and flexibility of electronic learning methods are combined with the social aspects of face-to-face communication.

The result: combining various means and methods reduces the disadvantages, while simultaneously strengthening the advantages. In addition, the "proELECTRO" training system serves to directly implement know-how.

Learning success is tested at the end of the seminars through multiple-choice tests. This allows participants to immediately see their progress.

Standard Seminar

The Standard Seminar is a classic lecture seminar. Trainers and participants are in the same place and they shape the training together.

In-House Seminar

The Inhouse Seminar is a tried-and-tested lecture seminar on site. As the customer, you are responsible for the venue.

Web Seminar

A Web Seminar provides the opportunity to learn together on the web, without having to travel anywhere or worry about dates.


E-Learning forms a another piece of the jigsaw in the seminar didactics of the Academy. It focuses on operating know-how for all standard modules.

The Perfect Application of E-Learning and Seminars, Taking the proALPHA Company Seminars as an Example

Graphics: proALPHA company seminars build on one another