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Coming soon! - E-Learning

Effective Support of Know-How Transfer in Practice

The right combination of lecture events and E-Learning provides you with proALPHA knowledge from an early stage, on a comprehensive and long-term basis, independently of the technical requirements in the company.

In conjunction with the seminars, the knowledge is processed and taught as needed. proALPHA's E-Learning supports a transfer into practice - and it does this from an early phase.

The E-Learning is browser-based and does not require any additional hardware. The general availability in the company relieves the IT department and key users. It also helps all users to build, maintain and expand know-how on handling.

The Benefits of E-Learning Are Basically As Follows:

  • Users focus on the content they want and get the most out of the session.
  • Users can set their own learning pace.
  • The learning contents are up-to-date and optimally prepared, and the teaching method is very flexible.
  • The subject matter can be repeated at any time.
  • There is no embarrassment with respect to knowledge gaps.

Available as an On-Demand Solution or Complete Version

The proALPHA E-Learning is available in two different variants in accordance with the individual requirements of our customers:

  1. Can be purchased as a complete version
  2. As E-Learning on demand for customers that do not need a complete version of the E-Learning but would like to give a few employees access for a limited period.

proALPHA Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) of the proALPHA Academy is available as a central learning platform. It is used in the provision of learning contents like the proALPHA E-Learning on demand and the organization of learning processes and thus forms the perfect framework for the Blended Learning approach being pursued by the proALPHA Academy.